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In support of our great Public Sector institutions.

FLYGA provides end-to-end aerial data collection services. FLYGA locates, qualifies and deploys drone pilots to your requirements delivering on-demand drone services. FLYGA is poised to assist the following public sector entities and markets with aerial data collection solutions:  Aerial Inspection & Mapping Data, Agency Media Relations & Marketing Services, Agriculture & Game Management, Emergency Support Services, Law Enforcement Support and National Security support.


FLYGA is ready to provide routine, critical, and emergency response to public sector organizations in multiple regions across the Country for law enforcement support.

Law Enforcement operations face constant safety and security threats, which require real-time response solutions that provide rapid, precise and reliable situational awareness. FLYGA has developed a platform that provides security officers and emergency responders with a professional tool for collecting unlimited aerial data and providing real-time visibility into security threats and emergency situations. Security operations are simplified with pre-defined missions, and emergency response is enhanced through on-demand availability.


Drones are also increasingly being used as part of border control, globally. Our drones can deployed at the border to identify migrants crossing into the Country, as well as thermal imaging camera drones to track infiltrators during low visibility.


A drone is a powerful tool that can perform complicated surveying and inspection jobs that will help evaluate job sites of every size quickly and efficiently. FLYGA can easily plan sites to conduct general site surveying, collect detailed, precise data for 3D Models and maps, and capture high quality aerial imagery to enhance safety and help workers better evaluate infrastructure. Drones have the potential to help government agencies complete critical tasks more efficiently and safely, by providing information and insights that were never previously available, or were too expensive to obtain. Today, drones are quickly replacing manned aerial vehicles and contracted services to cut down on expenses and increase efficiency.

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